Posted on: January 10th 2017

The Big Question - Term 3

The BIG Question

Term 3 Big Question is…

How will the world be different in 100 years time?

It’s that time again for our next ‘Big Question Homework Challenge’ for you to complete in any way you choose! You may choose to take photographs and add captions, you might make a model, you might design a leaflet or you might even do some baking if you think that it the best way to answer the big question. You will always have at least a couple of weeks to complete it so that you can think through your ideas. If you need paper from school to help you complete your homework please remember to ask for it.

Take time to discuss the big question at home. What do you think? How can you answer the question? You might choose to make an advert advertising what the world might be like in 100 years times! You might make a model of the local area and what you think it might look like in a decade. You might create a picture showing what you could see through your window. These are just a few ideas - I am sure you will think of a creative way of answering the big question!

Please bring your big question answers in by Monday 30th January.

Each class teacher will choose examples to display on our Big Question Display Board. House points will be awarded for the three chosen as the most creative or thoughtful responses.

1st-20 house points

2nd-10 house points

3rd-5 house points

Everyone who brings in their answers on time will get 1 house point.

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